Growlanser Generations, you know you love it, right?
I will start by saying sorry if I have posted in the wrong area, this looked like the only request/plea/beg/grovel place to ask about fixes to particular games such as... the illustrious Growlanser Generations! So, if this is the wrong place, I'm not sure if users can delete posts or not but if you inform me I will try to delete it and move it or one of the wonder-filled mods can do it though I'd hate to waste anyone's time Sad ... anyways, on to the story...

So, after years of waiting and wanting, a copy of Growlanser Generations has come into my possession at a reasonable price, but, like all good good things, this one went to waste... my PS2 disk laser hates the disks it seems and makes clunking noises every time I try to play them... the copy I own now is the second copy I have received since the first copy I thought was the game CD's fault, luckily the game stop in my area is a good sport and shipped another copy in for me to try, but of course to no avail. So, I turn to PSX2. I first check the compatibility list and cheer in rejoice! Then soon after cry when the game literally crashes not only the emulator but my entire computer, it was a sad moment, I cried, I hid, I wrote poems of despair and I soon got over it. I checked the forums for this particular problem to find that pretty much everyone ran into this one too, the ones that got past it ran into saving the game problems which made it just only a slightly bit more enjoyable then watching a black screen of the frozen emulator. So, may I request that this game get looked into by someone that might have a idea on how to fix it? If this request is a ridiculous one, I respect that idea and will shut up, if not... I love you as much as this game... which by all means is a lot...

The problems:

" Two bugs that may be the same bug. It is also impossible to save the game, which causes a game freeze.

The second way to trigger a game freeze is this. This is a bug that takes a little play to get into, you have to play through several of the beginning missions until the mission to go to North Rottembaum Village. This is the mission where random encounters are finally activated on the main map, which will trigger a game freeze, as well as visiting the village on the map, preventing further gameplay.

This bug was present in PSX2 as well as the latest version of Pcsx2 Pg v1.0.0395.

It is present regardless of different CD-ROM, Video, and Sound plugins.

"I just recently got PCSX2 downloaded and configured... newest version of course... and got my hands on a couple games to try it out. Other games seem to boot fine, but Growlanser Generations (both games) freeze on the boot up screen. "Playstation 2" shows up in the middle of the screen, then after a couple seconds, suddenly moves to the bottom of the screen and freezes there.

I did some google searching to see if there was a fix for this, but can't seem to find any solid advice to deal with the problem... most posts I've read were from over a year ago, talking about how this game has freeze problems.

So, is there anybody that can help me figure out how to get this game running?

I myself have tried to use the method of copying the files and running it as a ELF but it did not work for me.

~ Hope someone can help, thank you for your time!
- Krechon

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So in short, this is the problem?
No, what I saw when booting right from the CD was something along the lines of ...

[Image: thisiswhathappened.png]

I have also seen the logo centered as well but more prominently it is at the bottom.
Moved to general discussion. This looks like a configuration issue, since it looks like the game doesn't even start booting
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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