Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice
I am trying find a stable version / settings for Growlanser II: The Sense of Justice ( US Disc 1 of 2 Growlanser Generations ). Please share your suggestions or ask for additional details.

Speed Hacks Disabled
96 blank screen after intro / splash screen
97 When trying to load/save a Saved State "Load or save action is already pending. "
98 When trying to load/save a Saved State "Time Error" - but the Saved State works.

97 or 98 - The game appears to be playable, but the game will usually freeze at the end of battle before "MISSION COMPLETE" is drawn on the screen. It doesn't happen every-time, and I have not noticed a problem yet at other points in the game. Note: even when not using saved states, the game usually freezes at the end of a battle.


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I have tried on a second machine and I have encountered the freeze on save bug others have posted about. I think the game compatibility needs to be switched from Playable to Ingame.

tried the latest svn?
So far, 5210 svn ( .5199 ) is stable, not a single freeze at end of a battle, both automatic and manual saves work, save-states work, no time-error in status window.
The window does report "comment: IPU freeze fix" - - I don't remember turning that on, so maybe it is automatic.

I reached a point in the game [ with 5210 svn ( .5199 ) ] where the saving to Memory Card freezes the screen, but the audio continues playing. I guess I am going to forge ahead just using Saved States.

What size are your memory cards? Are you using regular 8MB ones?
(05-25-2012, 09:20 AM)rama Wrote: What size are your memory cards? Are you using regular 8MB ones?

Yes, I am using standing 8s. I have yet to encounter a game where I thought I needed the extra storage space.

I finished the last 90% of the game with ONLY save states. Even with 5210 svn, the game reached a point where the in game Save would lock too. In several versions of PCSX2, the in-game Save would lock/freeze the game. I had to use 5210 svn ( .5199 ) because some versions of PCSX2 did not have stable Save States.

Good to know you can at least finish it. This is a pretty unstable game, unfortunately.
I've posted this already on another thread of very similar situation, but here it is for those who don't wanna look Wink

Hello gentleman, I've just registered to be able to share my solution with you all for this old but gold game.

I'm currently running it on the latest version of PCSX2 (it is fairly better than when I used to play some of the ps2 games on the emulator)

First of all: the issue of the memory card freeze.
I've managed to solve it by unplugging and plugging back the memory cards and playing around with them MEANWHILE the game was working. Once you get your memory cards to work as you need to make sure to keep always a save state from where to continue on, since that way you won't have to repeat that process.

Secondly, the issue of the freezes after battles (the mission complete freeze).

I've come around a fairly reliable solution (note, you'll still need a few tries, but saving the state slightly before you're ending a battle requires you at most 10-20 seconds to reach the same point again)

Here's the hacks you need to activate first:
1- Disable all of the speedhacks (the game should be smooth already even without the need of hacks)
1.1- This is not necessary, but some ppl have had issues with graphic bugs etc and in my case I only had 1 occurance hence I suggest to use x3 native.
2- Make sure to enable: EE timing hack, skip MPEG hack, OPH flag hack, ignore DMAC, "Switch to GSdx software rendering when a FMV plays".

Now, those things should generally work by themselves, but It happened sometimes that my game would freeze anyway. What I'd do is save state slightly before finishing a battle and in the case the freeze happens, simply rewind to your latest save slot and retry by doing even just 1 thing differently (instead of attacking, def then attack or mov then atk etc). Sometimes it works even without having to do something particularly different, but ironically it seemed to "change" the outcome.

This solution is by far not 100% reliable, but it managed to help me move on from this bug on a fairly good reliable speed.

Lastly, for those who've the freeze at boot: simply smash your X and skip that cursed vid.

I wish you all fun and enjoy this awesome game !!

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