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Growlanser heritage of War
I recently posted on an open thread, then 20 minutes later the topic was closed by a moderator?? I keep searching these forums but i have no idea exactly WHERE to post without making a moderator angry because it is in the "wrong spot".

i'm currently playing this game and i've been having FPS issues. It's too fast for my liking. I had speedhacks enabled and the FPS was like 200+, so i disabled them and it dropped, but it is still 100+. I cant seems to figure out how to get it down to like 60-80. I've been messing around with the plugin settings but it just wont drop any further.

Also the frame rate will speed up considerably in the equip menu, shops, battle menu, etc

hopefully this is the correct thread to post in, if not can someone direct me to the "exact" correct thread since apparently that is a huge issue on this forum.

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You have to create your own thread.
And you've revived 2 threads.
[Insert Witty Sig Here.]
Obvioulsy you should not bring dead threads alive but better make your own one... as it is for sure mentioned in the forum rules.

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