Gs plugin failed to open..?
Yeah so, I've searched on google about this topic but nothing helped. I've updated my directx, and reinstalled pcsx2.

this is what it says:
(pxActionEvent) GS plugin failed to open!(thread:MTGS)(thread:EE Core)

My specs are on the attachments.

Please help. Thanks Smile

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install 2 more items
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(11-27-2011, 09:23 AM)tallbender Wrote: install 2 more items

Downloaded and same thing happens. :/
oh and I forgot about my config

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Update your DirectX using the DirectX Redistributable.

Also, mention your Graphics Card.
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The Graphics Card is not good for PCSX2. It Supports DirectX 9 with PS2.0 i guess. Then you need to select GSXD rendering mode to DirectX 9 (Hardware)
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Okay, I restarted my computer and it worked!
Now it says please insert playstation 2 cd/something.
and the screen is shaking for pcsx2.
I tried to run the iso but it keeps saying please insert playstation 2 cd.
Goto PCSX2 --> CDVD --> and select mode to ISO. Then browse and select your ISO.

Then use Boot Fast.

Or else RE-make your ISO.
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okay thanks Smile now its finally working.. but the game is kinda slow and the sound is choppy. i tried f5 till i get to 6 and i get the best performance. but still choppy sound.. any way to fix this?
Set the SPU2-X Synchronizing mode to Async Mix and use XAduio2. Try changing the Interpolation. Tongue2
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