[GsDX] Glitches in Jak&Daxter 1 [PAL]
I tried to play Jak&Daxter the precusor legacy on pcsx2, but it has an annoying shadow problem :[Image: 21062011225108.png]
And also as you can see both of Daxter eyes are black and Jak's left eye is black as well.
I tried DirectX 9 and 11 both on Hardware and Software modes and I also used all the following GsDX plugins : [Image: 21062011230730.png]
Any fix to come?
Thank you!

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Software mode definitely fixes those problems, what did you get when you tried it?
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Nope, there's the same problem in software mode (Direct3D9), added to that the game looks uglier with this mode.
[Image: 16hql1j.png]
Hmmm well in GSdx (hardware) you can remove the shadows with either the "Alpha hack" or Skipdraw set to 1 or higher.
(Check the configuration guide, GSdx > hacks subsection to see how to activate the hacks panel)

And the eyes are only fixed in software mode.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
Thanks! I just enabled the Alpha hack in the .ini file and the shadow problem is now gone. I'll stay in hardware mode for the quality despite the eyes problem, it's not an important matter.
[Image: 22062011143356.png]
Sorry to bump an old thread, but seeing as I'm having the same issue;

Have the shadow/eye issues been natively resolved? After such a long battle with incompatibility, those are the last two problems that keep this game from looking (and playing) perfectly.

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