Gsdx-3D: Stereoscopy Patch
#Note: This thread is meant to discuss the patch itself. For a discussion on what makes Stereo 3D, or real 3D, or the gimmick itself please keep using the old thread HERE.

>> Patch by under moon, which was posted here. <<

(04-17-2013, 05:36 PM)under moon Wrote: About Stereoscopic mode implementation.
GSdx-*-3D is PCSX2 pulgin and modified source-code for 3D Display.(Windows only)

- Method: Render two textures for both eyes in one frame.
- Mode: Top and Bottom, Side-by-Side, Interlaced , Red Cyan.
- Mode switching: Keyboard input at runtime.
- Renderer: Direct3D9 Hardware, Direct3D11 Hardware .
- Source changes Ohmynly the source code of GSdx (so far).

* Source code is changed based on pcsx2-1.0.0-r5350-sources.
* Parameter settings and degree of depth is different in each title.
* Some game titles may not work well.
* This plugin takes high processing power than original version.

Well, thank you very much, and sorry for the broken English.

[Image: nbKSK.jpg]

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This is compatible with stable and dev. builds?
This thread needs more attention and views! Can't wait for people to post video clips. Oh and is this anaglyph only?
Anyone got some tips on how to get this working with Nvidia 3D vision? BenQ XL2420TX specifically.
Looks like my prayers got heard:
yo @krossx or @somebody else could one upload a package of the changed files already patched. my tortoise seriously refuses to do so. now i know why i don't like PATCHES.

or better... forget it. *throws away that bull* Laugh
Wonderful Job krossX.

I tested on Final Fantasy X/Final Fantasy X-2/Persona 3/4/Grandia 3/Ico ... and more

It's works perfectly except on ICO : Graphics become corrupt and on Dragon Quest 8 FPS are divided for 3. On Grandia 3 with widescreen patch this is awesome, really.

Shader FXAA don't work anymore also, press the hotkey make nothing Tongue2

Anyway, good job Smile
@Scootaloo: It should.

@jadentheman: Check the quote, it has more than anaglyph. Smile

@Alo81: No idea. If it supports side by side source, then use that method?

@VIRGIN KLM: Thought so. Tongue2

@xstyla: Just get the Dlls file and use it. No need to mess with them patches.

@AzazelDC: Don't thank me, it's all under moon's magic and deserves all the credit (added some text on top now). All I did was give it a thread cuz it was getting... buried, in the original.
[Image: nbKSK.jpg]
OH, ok ! Thank you "under moon" in that case Smile
Ill sticky this for now Smile
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