Gsdx glitches in Kingdom Hearts

When playing Kingdom Hearts 1, I noticed some problems early on in the game. As I walked around on Destiny Islands, certain objects (like the large trees or the wooden wall), would flash/flicker as the camera moved. It was as though the system was having difficulty redrawing the objects. If I stopped moving, the flickering stopped.

I'm using the latest release of Gsdx (as of the time of this post), with SSE 4.1. I have it set to use the native resolution, in windowed mode, with interlacing turned off. I have a Nvidia 9600 GT graphics card, which is capable of pixel shader 4.

Thank you for any help,

On a related note: is it possible to use Pixel Shader 3 on current releases of Gsdx? It appears the option to select the pixel shader version has been removed.

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tick Logarithmic Z, should help
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The option of choosing Pixel shader is removed I think because it automatically uses the latest one that your card supports
Thanks refraction and DannyK,

Enabling LogrithmicZ solved the problem, and I'm happy to hear the software is using the correct pixel shader version.


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