Gsdx problem
So I've read under Configuration and gsdx threads, but I still can't fix my problem. Whenever I try to run Pcsx2 I am getting no picture and only sound. I have a DX11 supporting graphics card and an i7 proc. I chose the gsdx-ssse3 for my GS plugin since it supports my cpu. I also set my rendering to Direct3d11 (hardware). I am also using Windows 7 64 bit. Maybe I missed something in the settings or configured something wrong? I'll also attach the log if it helps.

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Do you have the latest directx update?
Also post you settings and pcsx2 version.

And btw you can use SSE4 instead since your cpu supports it.
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My direct X is up to date, is there a possibility it can corrupt? Did you mean my configuration? if so its in the attach and I'm using beta. As you can see I'm using the updated GS plugin also.

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Hmmm select a resolution.

Which game are you trying to run? Have you try any other game?
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Selecting a resolution didn't fix it. Umm I'm running FFX international. And It won't show and picture even when I click cdvd with no disc selected. so it's not the iso.
Before anything else download and install the directx (the emulator installer can do it for you) don't rely you have an updated one if you skipped this step before, or you can be right and you's is corrupted someway. That game should not give you any trouble, at least to begin running.
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No I really did update it. I literally just built this computer and installed all the requirements. Maybe it's corrupted, I will try to reinstall it. Like I said, it's not the game, I'm getting sound from the game, just no picture.
We are in the dark about your actual machine specs (i7 and dx11 capable videocard says practically nothing although it should be enough at least to get the image). Above all tell us at least what plugins you are using and if possible their configuration.

We can't help if you don't help yourself providing essential information to allow us to understand what might be happening there.
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Infiniti, what are the plugins you are using? without that information we could assume it may be the GSNull even, what would explain the symptom nicely...
The hardware information grants you should run that game in the default (no speed hacks) easily.

Normally the GSDX is the default one, reason for the directX update recommendation, since you are sure it is (still there is no direct word you actually followed that update from the installer that points directly to the last version) up to date it should be logic there is something wrong with your plugins configuration.
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