Gtx 560 ti and Bulldozer 8120 PCSX2 speed
I have recently upgraded my PC to a gaming PC. I have the PCSX2 0.9.8 and I have no idea how to make games run faster. There is no way you can tell me I have a slower processor or not enough graphical memory. I just want to know what kind of setup would allow me to play my games in 1080p without any slowdowns.

I feel like it might be the graphic plugin I have but its not. I have picked Directx 11 in the configuration of the plugin.

If you need more info, please tell me.

Thank You.

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Depends on the game you play. Some games are fast, others are slow even on high end PCs. And when it is slow, you can try various combinations of speedhacks to see what works best for that game. The general settings that work best for all games is... the default settings.

Your graphix card is good but I'm not sure 'bout the CPU because I don't have experience with the Bulldozer series. But according to many sources, it performs poorly in single/dual threaded applications. Unfortunately PCSX2 is one of these.
Bulldozer is slower than the Phenom II in Single Threaded applications, and as said, PCSx2 is one of those. Even in the future...the Bulldozer would not be a good pick for went for more cores and less performance per core.

So yeah, your processor is 3.1GHZ...not enough to get full speed in the most demanding games, but should be enough for both. A 4GHZ processor is enough for max speed in nearly all games.

Your processor isn't bad...but it's not great, either. AMD's CPU's aren't known for their OC ability, so for PCSX2, and gaming in general, it's not great. Bulldozer is roughly 15% slower per core than an Intel Sandy Bridge. Since this is single ends up being a massive victory for Intel CPU's.

So sorry, while you'll be fine for most games, the most intensive ones are out of your reach with that CPU. Perhaps you should try buying an after-market cooler and seeing if you can hit 4GHZ?

Not trying to sound insulting, but why on earth did you pick up a Bulldozer chip, after the entire tech world, even AMD Fanboys, listed it as fail, while much faster Intel offerings were available in the same price range?
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One big issue with bulldozer and PCSX2 is code optimization. Various places are optimized for Intel/AMD specific architecture chip. Because bulldozer is not a phenom, the good optimization on phenom will be very bad on bulldozer. Otherwise, let's be honest, bulldozer is not design for PCSX2 Wink

In my opinion bulldozer have "a potential" big margin on OC, but only when 32nm process matured.
You need to enable MTVU hack, which should get you good FPS in most games. An OC wouldn't hurt either
(10-28-2011, 05:50 AM)qahar360 Wrote: There is no way you can tell me I have a slower processor or not enough graphical memory.

Yes way, you have the slowest processor currently on sale (not counting "toy" like atom and brazos). Congrats.
the worst CPU ever made is the bulldozer for those reasons :

only 4 cores that processes incorrect numbers
60W per core power consumption Ohmy
it is weaker that Phonem 2 at the same clock Tongue
have a higher price than i52500k which can beat him even if it was clocked at 4.6 GHz !
There is currently no AMD processor that unlocked the full capabilities of a Fermi series graphics chip.

Quote:Bulldozer 8120

thats not a gaming processor, its a server and media center processor.

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