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Selamat sore. I need help playing naruto ultimate ninja 4. I downloaded pcsx2 0.9.7 and played it. I tried changing around the plugins but it still slow. I even try to use speed hack but still slow. What do i do? Sorry for broken english as i really try my best to make you understand all. please ask anything u want know and i will follow your guide.

intel core i5
2.30 ghz
6gb ram
64 bit windows 7
Nvidia geforce gt540 2gb

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0.9.7 is deprecated
download the latest stable build
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or latest svn
@jesalvein Thank you for your reply =) I'll now download 0.9.8 version and let you know can play or not.

@Archerko Thanks for the help but can i know what's SVN?

I wanna ask if this has anything to do with my CD? Cause it has lots of scratches beneath it.
Also is my graphic card good? Cause i see many threads saying that prob is from processor and graphic
which i have no idea in seeing good or bad.
Go to

Downloads > SVN

But here, I'll save you the trouble.

Just saying, you must not be looking very hard.

Lastly, your hardware looks fairly okay. Maybe a bit less than so-so in my opinion.
Edit : After using the latest SVN i'm still having the problem with game being slow..
Same solutions to try if you got slowdown:

1. Tick "Native" option in GSdx
2. Set EE/IOP and VU Clamp modes to "None"
3. Enable speedhacks in Emulation Settings including MTVU
Jesus people.
He's using a disc to play the game.
Make an ISO of it by using Imgburn.
Playing directly from a disc can cause serious slowdowns in any game even one like this.
I've played this game at about 45+ fps, so I know that it will work great on yours.
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(06-05-2012, 07:09 AM)stargame Wrote: I wanna ask if this has anything to do with my CD? Cause it has lots of scratches beneath it.

How possibly this can make a good ISO?
... Take it into a video rental store and, somehow they will.. "fix" it.. maybe? I dunno
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