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[Guide] Creating widescreen patches in less than 10 steps.
This tutorial worked for me. Now to test the code on a real PlayStation 2...

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No need to test on a real PlayStation 2. I figured I should test with PCSX2 first. The code I found doesn't work when used in a pnach file, but it does work when used in Cheat Engine. When I converted the code to the European version (tried without converting first) and entered it into Cheat Engine, it worked there as well.

Going to post my results in the main widescreen patch thread.
What the hell is a 'Dark Blue 1'?
what version of cheat engine are you using .. your description does not match what happen in CE 6.4.. what dark blue 1 are you talking about. trying to make a patch for aeon flux . using CE6.4 since widescreen helper 1.5 just locks up no matter what game i try to use it with. pcsx 1.3.0 5889
Is it possible some values for screen area could be outside the noted range (20200000-21FFFFFF), or would they be unstable to play with?

Not sure about 16:9 patches, but I've been working on 21:9 patches. Games that already have 16:9 support in their options can be more difficult to work with, but I was successful with Tony Hawk's Underground recently. Two games I found issues finding editable values with were Dragon Quest VIII and Final Fantasy XII, both Square-Enix titles. Looking around the range only had me find a 0 or 1 value that changes; 16:9 with 1 and 4:3 when 0 or any other value.
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Thanks for the guide. It worked for me in some way. I'm total noob in this, so I was training on 99skull's WS patch for Front Mission 5
(10-20-2012, 02:21 AM)99skull Wrote: Front Mission 5 (SLPM_662.05)
I use miseru99's wide value(3F4CCCCD, 0.8) and add render fix and character ratio.

patch=1,EE,203D1A18,word,3F19999A //3F4CCCCD, wide by miseru99
patch=1,EE,0017BE54,word,3C023F19 //3C023F4C, battle floor render fix
patch=1,EE,0017BE5C,word,3443999A //3443CCCD, battle floor render fix
patch=1,EE,001BCDB8,word,3C033F19 //3C033F4C, left character ratio
patch=1,EE,001BCDC0,word,3463999A //3463CCCD, left character ratio
patch=1,EE,001BCE9C,word,3C033F19 //3C033F4C, right character ratio
patch=1,EE,001BCEA4,word,3463999A //3463CCCD, right character ratio
For training I use 3F4CCCCD Value, some search range, found 203D1A18 address in results, changed its value to 3F19999A - worked like a magic!
But I can't find other Addresses. I do the same as in my example above:
Let's take his second line. I use 3C023F4C value, any search range (from 00000000 to 2fffffff), I got some results but none of them has 0017BE54 address even close (I got some 1x and 2x addresses, and no 00x). The same with other lines. What do I do wrong? Even if I add those addresses manually - they have some values (NOT like in patch) but I can't change them at all.
The thing I'm planing to try to do is to fix link lines in FM5, its align incorrect with WS patch. So i don't know which value to search, right? And I suggest those lines are also in 00x addresses which I don't know how to search Sad

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