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Guide] French Guide PCSX2 + MotionJoy (Add full-HD config for games)
Hi evryone ! I'm French and i've discovered PCSX2 sometime ago, and i did love this software (so do my girlfriend ending some old game).

That's why i took some time to build a step-to-step guide to install & configure PCSX2 and MotionJoy to be able to play PS2 games in the better way we know : "Full HD"

The fact is that games keep coming back like re-fashionned in "Full-HD" on PS3, but i took some time to configure PCSX2 and the result are the same on my computer !

So that's why i built this (French) Guide ! Smile I don't know if this one figures in the right section but i hope moderator will do what they do the best Smile

Thank you for your feedback and i appologize for my bad english ^^'

Here is the link to download the PDF Guide :

Here is the link to download PCSX2 + MotionJoy and some bonus Wink

(The pass as a link with the french website *snip* where i put my guide first)


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