Guide to SuperSampling AA on ATI HD5XXX Series
Download for example R2869. Soon after that they unfortunately dropped support for AA so no R3xxx for you Sad

1)Choose GSDX DirectX 9! Otherwise SGSSAA wont work.
2)On your desktop right click and go to Catalyst Control Panel.
3)In the Control Panel click the "Graphics" writer and select "3D".
4) Go to AA and tick "Use Application Setting". Very important!
5)Then move over to "AAMODE" and move the bar to SuperSample AA.
6)Click Apply and close Catalyst Control Center completely. Letting it open can have a major impact on frames so always close it.
7)In GSDX DirectX9 select the desired AA level. For us ATI users 2x, 4x and 8x are possible. Crossfire users could theoretically have 16x but I have no way to test this.
8)SGSSAA is now enabled. However it will only work if you are:
1) Running in Fullscreen.
2)Set PCSX2 internal resolution to your destop resolution. (CRT user´s advantage..) That means if your native display res is 1920x1200 in order to get SGSSAA to work you have to set your internal res to 1920x1200 as well.

Bare in mind that even though its performance is somewhat better than NVIDIA`s OGSSAA approach it´s still killing performance. But I do not want to play without it any longer Wink

Games suggestion for 4GHz Core2Duo users (Core Ix users could need less GHz) with HD5870/5850:

FFX/FFX-2 x4 Will only hang on certain spells. Played through last dungeon even with 8x.

Nights into Dreams x8 Smile
FF12 x2 Hardly ever slows down.
MGS3 x2 Looks so sweet. Slowdown occurs however.Try it with your CoreI7 Smile Forget about MGS2 absolutely impossible.

reserved for more games

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