Guide updates
Yes i know this wasnt what people were expecting of an update from the PCSX2 site,but small news is better than no news Tongue
After some bugging by Falcon4ever,i sat down and fixed all 200 errors(Tongue) that were preventing the configuration guide from being XHTML compatible Smile You can check the validity by pressing the XHTML button at the bottom of the page. So if anyone had problems with it with the browser they were using,there is a good chance that its fixed now.Note that all the translations have been made using the old html file so unfortunately they are not XHTML compatible.
Here's the link of the english updated version: PCSX2 Configuration Guide

Also we have 2 new translations:

Indonesian translation by Exsharaen:
Panduan Pengaturan PCSX2

Italian translation by Master and corrected by Topper:
Guida alla configurazione di PCSX2

Great job and sorry for delaying the release of these 2 for some time Wink
[Image: newsig.jpg]

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