Guilty Gear Accent Core Plus framerate
I have a problem with the framerate

Q9450 oc 3.4GHz
4GB 1066Mhz
Windows XP SP3

And I can't believe that I'm having problems with the framerate. It's about 50fps, and that's slow enough to annoys me.

This game should play flawlesly

Can someone give me ''the perfect'' plug-in configuration for this game, because I'm not sure that mine is good.

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(02-17-2009, 05:50 PM)zdravkelja Wrote: This game should play flawlesly

What do you base that on? AFAIK, this is emulation.
Try searching the forums, there is an almost infinite number of threads about how to achieve the best fps possible.
Reading the OFFICAL GUIDE can answer 90% of your newbie questions
SEARCHING the forums can answer 90% of your advanced questions.
Try using the latest pcsx2 revision and latest gsdx plugin.
In the graphics plugin use the lowest resolution uncheck all options and select native.
In pcsx2 use MTGS no gamefixes in speed hacks:Use IOP x2 cycle rate and wait cycles sync hack.
And i hope it will work fast.
It's good now, full speeed. But I'm using kosmos instead of gsdx. It's faster and gsdx has green edges around characters.

Actually, in every game gsdx has green edges, how can I fix that?
I noticed some graphic bugs in zeroGS but nothing in GSDX
Try using GSDX 1.8 or 1.14 and disable all the options
such as NLOOP hack texture filtering etc.

By the way has anybody found a way to make the opening video work.
i meen not skip it but make it work.
Opening video still doesn't work. You can see it on youtube if you want Tongue
But video isn't important, the game is Smile


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