Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus
Having a bit of problem with Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus.
Currently Using PCSX2 0.9.6

Without the 6175FE7D patch The game Freezes at Intro
With the 6175FE7D patch It Crashes on intro
And give me this Error:
vtlb miss : addr 0x2, mode 0

With the 6175FE7D patch the game Freezes at the beginning.

Can Anyone Help me?

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Quote:Guilty Gear XX - Accent Core Plus SLPM 66965 J PS2 Playable 0.9.5
So, I guess, someone will be able to help you.
Enable x3 sync hack, disable pathes and you should be able to pass the intro.
(04-12-2009, 09:57 AM)Dr.J Wrote: Enable x3 sync hack, disable pathes and you should be able to pass the intro.

Okay I got it to work, but When i close it and try to reopen it again with the same setting
It freezes at intro like before and i didnt even change anything. I guess it was luck the first time.
Have you tried different graphical plugins?
Hardware/software modes?
I've been Trying to get this game running alright and playing with a lot of settings, I've also been testing it on two different computers, with very different specs to try to confirm so findings.

So far I have found that it runs much better using ZeroGS rather than gsdx. (higher frame rate, displays correctly)

Something else of interest is that none of the speed hacks improve my frame rate at all. EESync Hack X2 or X3 cause problems (jumpy sound some slow downs).

In Advanced config, I found that using Clamp mode - none and Flush to Zero give very minor improvements.

I'm also using the skip mpeg patch to get past the opening cinematic.

At best I've had it running around 50fps but varies a lot during a fight (various a bit from stage to stage also). If anyone else has anything useful (other settings to try, different plug-in etc) I would appreciate it. Next I'm going to try playing around with the latest beta of PCSX2 and see if that runs any better.
Just got the latest Beta of pcsx2 and latest beta plug-ins.
gsdx is the plug-in to use now, runs the game significantly better than previous versions and zerogs with few problems.

Still need skip mpeg.

Speedhacks - X2 Cycle rate + IOP X2 Cycle seems to give the best results. (from my findings so far)

Still issues on a few stages (2 or 3), but a huge improvement, very playable.
Guys, can I play GGAC+ with fixed max fps??? And how??
My PC - Core 2 Duo 6420 2.13GHz, 2GB RAM, GeForce 8600GTS
Windows XP SP2
Yes you can, Frame Limiting setting are in Config>CPU (or I think you can press F4 in game to cycle through the different frame limiting modes)
I have it running at constant 60FPS with.
Default cycle rate.
INTC Sync Hack
Enable IOP x2 Cycle Rate
Status Flag Hack
And I have the latest beta running GSdx 1476 SSE2.

Hope that helps in some way.

Oh the US version does not get past the ARC logo.
Phenom 955 x4 @ 3.6
4GB DDR3 @ 1500

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