Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus on beta 1888?
Hey, I'm wondering if anyone could get it to work on 1888? The patch from 9.6 doesn't skip the intro vid for me anymore.

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It works here.I use the patch that a made myself and that patch was working always on any beta

comment=Skip Video
gametitle=Guilty Gear XX AC PLUS

Are you sure that the patch really is enabled?
On the console title it must be the game title not the CRC if the cheat is enabled

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The patches have been working for me on 0.9.6, but not in 1888 for some reason. Your patch failed to skip it as well for me.
What version of the game you have(btw you didn't answer on my question)

How to make it yourself

Quote:Start the emu,make sure that Misc=>Enable Patches is enabled then start the game and press Esc.Go to Misc=>Patch Browser=>click on Skip MPEG(if the patch is founded it will show a box with "Patch Found")=>select the code and click on the Enable/Disable button to enable the cheat=>click on pnach Writer=>on comment and game title you can write whatever you want.After clicking on the save button,restart the emu and the code for skip videos will be active.

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