Guitar Hero
Hey everybody,
I wanna buy a guitar hero set (game + guitar)
is this guitar supported by the controller plugin (lily pad)? would be awesome =)

Does anybody know if guitar hero III in the europe version, or guitar hero world tour works with die actually build?

Thanks for your help *THUMBS UP*

(Sorry for doublepost)

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The Guitar IS supported by lily pad, it just have to be configured in the plugin menu and you are good to go.
Check the Comp. List if the game is working with pcsx2.
[Image: 26293342.gif]
ok, thanks Smile
guitar hero world tour & (III E) isn't listened on the comp list :/
did somebody test it?
LilyPad doesn't work with GH2 and (probably) later GH games. They use some sort of extra test to try and prevent the use of 3rd party guitars, and I'm not sure what it is, so I can't fix it.
Official GH controllers hold down (short) D-Pad Left.

edit: Also, I think GH controllers are PS1 controllers, but I'm not sure how emulatable that even is, or if that's the thing that GH2+ games are verifying. It's been a while since I was up on the technical details of GH. Lemme see if I can ask someone who knows this stuff and find out.

edit 2: Some googling turned up that yes, that is indeed the test. Some further googling suggests that the test is whether the controller has pressure sensitive buttons or not (does = PS2 dualshock = fail, doesn't = OK).
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All guitars hold down left...That's the only way they identify themselves, other than the PS1 thing. That's all LilyPad does when guitar mode is enabled, and it works fine with RockBand. GH2 expects some additional difference, and I have no clue what it is.

Edit: Suppose I could also be mishandling another message in all cases or something, and GH2 notices. If you need to know exactly how I respond to a GH game, source code is available, or you could enable logging and guitar mode (But not the GH2 hack) and then check the handshake lines of the log (Looking at the log is probably simpler. My source code is a mess). If you can figure out what's wrong, happy to make any changes, as I really hate having to use the GH2 hack.
Ya, I have both an official guitar hero (1) controller and a copy of GH2 here, so if I have some time sometime, I will rip an ISO of it, and check the logfile, and go digging in the source if needs be and try to make it work.
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