Guitar Hero 2
I'm curious to know if I am able to play Guitar Hero 2 with a usb guitar connected to my pc. Happy

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I haven't tried it with an actual guitar. You can try using the usbqemu plugin. If that doesn't work, the PS2 controller works great.
Yeah, I mean it's because I have the USB Guitar that I used to use on my 360, it would be cool if it worked with the emulator.

It would be cooler to use the guitar, I mean, I know you can use a PS3 or a Xbox 360 controller.
It's worth trying. Lilypad has options for configuring a guitar.
[Image: gmYzFII.png]
[Image: dvedn3-5.png]
it actually works, I needed to play a bit with the bindings and with the opitons like xinput, rawinput and does to make it work, but it actually does work Laugh
Also, don't forget to enable the Guitar hero 2 hack under lilypad to get it work with a guitar.
I don't think the GH2 hack is needed anymore in Lilypad. I should check that.
Ok so I'm using the Xplorer 360 wired guitar with lilypad and It reads and I can map stuff out no problem I've tried it as pad 1 and pad 2 with different results. for some reason green and blue are always pressed down and the fret is obviously mapped out wrong I'm not exactly sure how to map it correctly I am using the most current version of PCSX2 and just trying to get this working if someone could help that would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance
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