Guitar Hero 2 Guitar Controller?
Would I be able to use a Guitar Controller with the pcsxe? If so what drivers would be involved (or none), and will it just work like if I was mapping another controller?

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Quote:To make a pad work as a guitar in Guitar Hero or Rock Band, select the Guitar from the dropdown for that pad and rebind the controls. Note that you must start the game with the checkbox selected. Toggling it later won't work.

Guitar Hero 2 has some sort of additional check to prevent the use of 3rd party guitars. I don't know how to convince it I'm a real guitar. As a workaround, there's a GH2 hack option in the hacks section. Check it and the pad's guitar setting to play GH2 with a guitar. You'll have to press the strumbar and the frets at the same time to navigate through menus. This is a result of the GH2 hack causing the guitar to identify itself as a pad, but behave more like a guitar in-game. There's no reasonable workaround I can do for this, unless I learn how to convince GH2 I'm really a guitar. A PCSX2 patch file might be possible, however.
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