Guitar Hero 2 with a Keyboard
Hello, I have been trying to get Guitar Hero 2 working on my PC using keyboard controls, since I do not have an xbox 360 guitar, and can not find one for a cheap price.

I have been searching the boards for an answer, and used this to format my binding.

I selected the 'Guitar' option

Fret 1: 1

Fret 2: 2

Fret 3: 3

Fret 4: 4

Fret 5: 5

Select/Tilt: RShift

Strum Bar Up: Up Arrow Key

Strum Bar Down: Down Arrow Key

Start: Enter

The controls work on the main menu screen, and selecting a song and difficulty. But then when I get into a song is when I start to hit problems. The buttons become unresponsive, none of them will operate the frets or the strum bar. Help would be greatly appreciated!

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It seems that there is no way to do this. I've been trying for an hour and can only get two fret buttons working. I wish I knew how to code so I could write a plugin. Pokopom doesnt respond. I'm using a guitar though.. pretty bummed.

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