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Guitar Hero 3 graphics?
I know, there's a PC version for this. But the fact that you need to strum in that version is killing me. Yes, I know there's a no-strum mod but I can't use the analogs.

DX11 yields me these graphics at very. slow. framerates, like 4 fps. DX9 gives me that same albeit at 60fps. While not shown, the graphics for the audience is pure garbage, and there's a shadow on one of the audience animations at the upper left of the screen.


Specs: Ryzen 5 1500X, 8Gb RAM, GTX 1050
Version: v1.5.0 build 2175 (GIT)
Settings: all default.

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What are your GSdx settings? 4x Native may be a bit too heavy for a GTX 1050. Switch to the OpenGL renderer for better performance.

As for the shadow figure and corrupted audience sprites, there's no fix for that.
[Image: 36a66c559937a1f5d0cd7460362d4093.jpg?bg=2c2c2c]
The game hasn't been fixed, your only option is to use software mode (F9)
[Image: ref_sig_anim.gif]
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