Guitar Hero 3 graphics?
I know, there's a PC version for this. But the fact that you need to strum in that version is killing me. Yes, I know there's a no-strum mod but I can't use the analogs.

DX11 yields me these graphics at very. slow. framerates, like 4 fps. DX9 gives me that same albeit at 60fps. While not shown, the graphics for the audience is pure garbage, and there's a shadow on one of the audience animations at the upper left of the screen.


Specs: Ryzen 5 1500X, 8Gb RAM, GTX 1050
Version: v1.5.0 build 2175 (GIT)
Settings: all default.

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What are your GSdx settings? 4x Native may be a bit too heavy for a GTX 1050. Switch to the OpenGL renderer for better performance.

As for the shadow figure and corrupted audience sprites, there's no fix for that.
The game hasn't been fixed, your only option is to use software mode (F9)
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