Guitar Hero 5 Controller Problems

I cannot configure my controller to get the fret buttons to work.
It always says "microphone not plugged in"

I've tried various types of lillypad plugin's but I've got nothing.

Can Anyone Help?

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We don't emulate a PS2 microphone so you won't be able to go any further than that.
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I'm not trying to emulate a microphone.
I'm trying to emulate the guitar.

I have the guitar option enabled, but it still doesn't go any further than the menus.
Yes but as the game tells you, it won't let you go further without a microphone, so unless you emulate it, you can't.
[Image: newsig.jpg]
no way, other people got in game, how did they do that then? there must be a way
Configure the LilyPad controller as a guitar instead of a dualshock and it should work then but as mentioned before, you won't be able to play everything as there's no microphone plugin yet.
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