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Hello friends!
 I am asking for help on a situation that has been plaguing my gaming, specifically my guitar playing. I am trying to play guitar hero (1) for ps2 with a guitar hero 2 (xbox 360 controller). It works (mostly), I mapped it out and everything, but when I play it the buttons (green, red, yellow, blue and orange) all act like their own buttons. (no strumming). Kinda like the rock band guitar on solos. That is fine I can deal with complete hammer-ons for a whole song, but the problem my friends is strumming. I mapped out the hat switch N and S. I have tried manipulating the sensitivity and it doesn't seem to help.

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(01-03-2016, 01:08 AM)timotheus_t_91 Wrote: ...the buttons [...] all act like their own buttons...

What does that mean? Can you maybe reformulate the problem?

Do you need to press all four buttons at the same time using a keyboard?
no, you know how on rock band the rockband guitar controller has five solo buttons that Do Not require the strum bar in soloing? that is what I mean. The buttons press fine but strum bar can not be used except in menus. Meaning the buttons auto strum on press

Sorry I am using a guitar controller (360)
Sorry i never played that game and can not follow you. Hope there will be somebody more helpful than me.
Moving to a more appropriate section.
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