Guitar Hero World Tour Error - With Picture!
Ok so, I have used Pcsx2 for a WHILE now, but i have finally run in to a REALLY annoying error.

So I load up Guitar Hero World Tour, I get the splash GHWT loading screen. After the loading hits 75% the screen just goes black, and i get this message in the data field.

[Image: GHWTpic.jpg]

When the black screen comes up, it happens RIGHT when the data field says "*** No Manager!" Which is the 12'th line of text in the screenshot. everything below that is after the black screen comes up. After that, Nothing...

Does anyone have ANY idea of how to get this game working? I been waiting for this for so long.

Thanks in advance everyone,


[Edit] : Ok so , I have just tried running GHWT on Pcsx2 Playground, I can now get past all of the loading screen and videos, but once the main menu is going to pop up, Pcsx2 PG encounters an error and must close.

Any Ideas?

I'd Really Appreciate it, Either working for Pcsx2 or Pcsx2 Playground.
Any Info would be VERY helpful.

Thanks Again,


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No ideas, simply the game does not work with any pcsx2 version Wink
(01-10-2009, 05:01 AM)tiku Wrote: No ideas, simply the game does not work with any pcsx2 version Wink

Well I figured it was worth a shot to ask, seeing as i DID get the game running further than anyone else on the PLANET at the moment haha.

If anything comes up, or if anyone gets this game running, PLEASE post your fix here :]

Thanks Yet Again,


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