Guitar Hero World Tour - Finaly Works !
Sorry my english, but the new beta PCSX2 works fine
GH world tour.....
Some Problems....

Newest beta 1438

Guitar Hero World Tour ( USA ) Ntsc

EE sync hack 2x
INTC Sync Hack
VU CLIP HACK Persona ( thats incrible, but necessary)


GSDX 0.1.15 ( SSE2 or SSS3 )
DX 10 mode
ah! dont change resolution, use NATIVE ! ( cause crash )

Input Lily pad

SPU2-x 1.1.0

LINUZ ISO 0.9.0 ( old cause DEP retriction VISTA)

Just only works in quick play mode and career

Enjoy ! TongueTongueTongue

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that's what the "post your screenshots" thread is for:
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damn... those screenshots look awful xD
and I lol'd @ the windows watermark
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Thanks for the screenies, but use ALT+PRT SCRN to only take a screenshot of the active window, and not the whole desktop.

And marche1990, if I'm not mistaken that is the watermark you get when you install Vista SP1 RC... Wacko
Video sample !

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