Guitar hero 2 guitar issues
So Ive tried loading up guitar hero 2 with a 360 guitar plugged in. So far it will only react for the orange and blue buttons, however will not be correctly mapped (hitting red makes blue go off, yellow makes orange). It also does not seem like the strum needs to be hit, as when a blue or orange comes up all i have to do is click the button and it hits the note, without a strum.

Ive tried using xbox controller settings and just mapping guitar buttons to it, tried using the guitar option and nothing reacts except previously mentioned incorrect colors. I even tried the pokopom plugin. Green worked to navigate menus, but during gameplay green and blue were continuously pressed down and the only button that worked/mapped was red.

Have the newest version of lilypad and pokopom as well as newest pcsX2.

Computer can handle it just fine (i7-3770k, asus p8z77-v pro, geforce gtx 780, 16gb ram).

Any help would be appreciated

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Have you tried ticking the "Guitar Hero 2 hack" in lilypad's options? It may make a difference, i say "may" because i have no idea what it does, and i've never played Guitar Hero Tongue

I'll silently step out of the way now and let someone who knows more take over.
yeah i tried that, didn't do anything unfortunately, but thanks.
Try using JoyToKey and see if you can map it that way. What I would do is set up the buttons correctly on a keyboard (say, A - Red | B - Blue | etc.) then take those keys and map them to the Guitar itself.

The only downside I would see is when you hold the guitar in the air that it wouldn't give you the star bonus; so, you would have to use another button on the guitar / controller / makeshift button.
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