Guitar hero controller?
Hey guys/ new here and looking for a little help.

I have managed to get my pcsx2 emulator running fine...mostly 60 fps.

i am building a cabinet atm and want to have guitar hero/rock band implemented,so could you help on the following questions please.

1.I managed to get most of the guitar hero games for this emulator,but before i buy controllers,which ones should i buy that run as near perfect as you can with this emulator....PS2 controller via usb dongle,Xbox 360 controller wireless usb dongle....or PS3 controller?

2.i was originally wanting to get the PS3 controller as i have a ps3 built into my cabinet,therefore it would be easier to just switch between ps3 then PS2 that the way to go?

3.Depending on controller how should i connect it and set it up in the emulator?

i would really appreciate any feedback on this kinda stupmed on what to use..


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1 - the controllers that you got with the games when you bought them should work ok with a PS2 to pc controller adapter
2 - could be. motionjoy may handle that. Have a look at it.
3 - not sure if lilypad has this option... Sorry, I can't answer it since I never tried a guitar hero game under pcsx2
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I managed to get the Guitar Hero games to detect the controller as guitar (controller port, not USB), but I haven't checked LilyPad. Try it, and if it behaves abnormal (not like a DualShock controller) then it's most likely working. Then you could use whatever guitar controller as LilyPad allows you to remap it.
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I guarantee you the PS3 controller works with PCSX2. (This is what I use, I don't have any other controller that'll work with my PC)

It's USB by default so no need for any adapters. As an added benefit, the PS button in the middle is an extra button you can use for customizing your controls. I've actually configured some games to use that (it's mostly useful for changing an L3 or R3 binding to, because L3/R3 can be hit accidentally)

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