Guitar hero not working with 360 guitar
i just bought a rock band guitar from my work and tried it out on the computer to play guitar hero 2. yes i used the guitar hero hack. when i was trying to config the buttons most of the time when i hit a button instead the wammy bar would show up. and this happened on all buttons. what can i do to fix this? another problem i had was when i finally some how got the buttons on there they didnt work on the game only the strum did. how can i fix that? im

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is your guitar is bindnable in the lilypad?
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Might help (I didn't even know it has a wiki, nice)

Other than that, I couldn't understand what the hack does from the code. >_<
But is guitar support seems interesting now....
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How do i find out if its bindable? and the wammy bar keeps messing it up when i try to imput a button the wammy bar shows up becuase its up. if i push it down it still shows it as down. is there any way to ignor this input?
If that's an x360 thingy, then try unchecking DirectInput and checking XInput in the API list.
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Ha! Got it! The command chain 46 46 47 4C 4C is the same as the dualshock, but the 45 changes slightly to 0x01 0x02 instead of 0x03 0x02. And, the button bit for the LEFT DPAD must always be zero. That's it! =D

Now I gotta check the mapping for the X360 Guitar and I'll have a guitar version input plugin for testing. If it's the same it would be awesome, since some sensors are attached to the analogs and I dunno how could I test that.

#EDIT: Done, give it a try.
Just select it as input plugin and play.

Unless you have more XInput controllers conected, then you would have to select the port on the config menu.
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