"GunCon 2 commands to Mouse" Support.
Hey, everyone.
I'm sure this has been discussed before - In fact, I may have even brought it up myself at one point. - but I figured I'd ask. Even though Time Crisis 2 and 3 don't load up, other light gun games, like Vampire Night, load just fine.

I'm a huge fan of light gun games. I just got the Wiimote-GlovePIE deal working, and it's been great for my other programs. However, I had some fantastic memories with the PS2's light gun games, and I'd love to have another chance to relive those moments in the HD, post-CRT television age.

My question is, what is the likelihood of GunCon 2 support (Emulated through mouse [Aiming.] and keyboard [D-Pad and additional buttons.] inputs.) being added to PCSX2? What can be done to raise the chances of GunCon 2 support being added in the future?
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As far as I know, GunCon 2 is USB so there would have to be a USB plugin for it, even for games to recognize there being one connected.
Chances of someone getting interested in writing a plugin for it to work in PCSX2 are very low.

For the other part of your question, you can already set mouse and keyboard in Lilypad, but I doubt it'd be close to the same.
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I really appreciate the reply, Shadow. Strangely, I still have some hope, even if your answer bums me out a bit.

If it were attempted, how complicated would this plugin be?
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Probably not very complicated, but working out the PS2 USB functionality would be up to you. (HLE is also an option since it's provided by IOP modules.)

Ah, I should add that it's not really the plugin side that would be difficult, but the pcsx2 side. The plugin should just be providing a platform independent interface to the operating system's USB support.

And supporting light guns by mouse emulation is harder because then you're emulating a specific USB device on top of this. Playing with the real light gun's cooler anyway if it works. (I don't know, are they old fashioned light guns which only work with CRTs or something modern?)
I think only guncon3 supported LCD/etc, guncon2 should be only CRT.
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Thank you all for your replies. The problem, as Shadow stated, is that only the GunCon 3 supports an LCD display, and the original two GunCon's only handle CRT's. As for the emulation itself, I think a mouse interface is best because it allows users to choose the setup that works best. Plus, the GunCon 3 doesn't have any PC drivers, much like the PlayStation Move and Microsoft Kinect. As I mentioned before, the Wiimote-GlovePIE setup is the most workable because it replaces the mouse and allows the Nunchuck to handle the D-Pad and additional buttons of the GunCon 2. That's my own idea, though.

To be honest, I'm extremely interested in this prospect. I'm about 30 and life isn't always fun. When I was in college, my pals and I played Time Crisis II and 3 on a CRT for hours. Almost a decade later, we still find ourselves wanting to revisit those games, but CRT's are a thing of the past. As silly as it might be, those light gun games do bring me enjoyment in my serious adult life, and I am willing to put some effort into making those games playable in the current age. I'm sure other PCSX2 users feel similarly.

I don't have programming skills, but I would very much like to talk to someone who can do what is proposed. It would open the PS2's light gun collection up again - Not just to myself, but to the rest of the PCSX2 community, as well.

I'm willing to offer my full support to the project.
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I have to say that I too also love these lightgun games. While I was too young to go shooting around a fake gun a decade or so ago, I would love to search around for the games, most probably on GameStop, should they work and the lightgun is emulated.

However, I have a CRT TV which I keep for playing PS2 games; would I be able to hook up my monitor's display to the TV and somehow be able to play off of that?

(If I did, it would be like applying 64xSuper AA on my already CRT and blurry TV)

While I have no experience with programming (save for really simple things in Basic), I would be willing to help however possible.
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I'm glad you voiced your support, Mr. DreamName. Personally, as addicted as I get to the idea of "light gun support" for PCSX2, I think it's just too soon in the emulator's development. I'm sure a lot of other people share my fond feelings for the PS2's light gun game collection, but I think it's not the most important feature to think about right now.

I do hope that, in the future, more people offer their support to the functionality. When I mentioned my "full support," I was going to offer "monetary motivation." To me, the price of a modern PlayStation 3 game was well worth the money to get a whole collection of GunCon 2 games working again. (Or, at least, increasing the level of immersion.) One day, I'll revisit this whole thing again.

In the meantime, I hope discussion of the idea continues.
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Shalma from ngemu create a plugin Smile


working with EMS, and guncon2PC (no wingun).

Could be great to add command line support for profil game !Biggrin
Hey nice find, never knew it existed Smile
Edit: Well here is the latest release, so people don't need to register on NGemu to grab it. Of course all credits go to Shalma Smile

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