Guncon\Mouse Control
Okay, so Ive been reading the wiki and trying to figure out how/if I can use a mouse to emulate a Guncon in PCSX2. Is this possible at the moment? Because Ive read the wiki and I see the stuff for the mouse API in Lillypad, but that doesn't add any way to select a mouse or Guncon in the list that lets you plug something in. Just Guitar, Duel Shock 2, or Unplugged still. I recall a plugin called Nuvee that supposedly added Guncon support, but it seems that PCSX2 doesn't recognize it when I put it in the pluggin folder. Is there anything I'm missing, or is this just not possible at the moment?

I just need to know if there's some way of doing this that I'm too thick to notice, or if there's no way to do this and I'm too thick to notice. Blink

Thanks for your time.

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