Guys..i don't know what you did with the newest pcsx..but i can't run any games any more,whatever i tried ,all the options of any kind ,all the plugins you got,it just never runs and always pops up problems.I tried seeing if something is wrong with the games,but they are being run by the 0.9.6 version ,the 0.9.7 ,no matter what i do,really not matter what,it always have problems,either with iso,plugins or bios.Could you please have an option or something to it,so it can boot/run games/Cd's the way it did at 0.9.6? Please? or tell me a way to get it to work? I have Radiata Stories that im trying to run,i have it in DVD all ready,i try to run it,and it gets problem,i downloaded it from internet as whole .iso file,from the ones that daemon tools open,you know.And i tryied to run that too,but nothing.No matter what i try it fails.So either if you can ,please post with screen shots and step by step how to configure it ,in a way that it may work,in case im just stupid and can't get it right either way.And if that doesn't work,please fix it?

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Quote:i downloaded it from internet as whole .iso file

And not a bug report either...

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