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HBM AND PCSX2 ,Hardware/software settings and questions to devs about best bios? +
OK this is my last thread for today before i get reported for spam or some b,s but anyway is there any news on this

will hbm help anything apart from anti ailising 

also are u guys doing a ps3 emulator

i would assume ps4 would be easier to code for

aparently the ps3 games on ps4 are ran by some emulator developed by sony

i was reeding somewhere that some guy made an unofficial one or im thinking wrong,,

no that was about the vita screen thingy

if u guys need me to test dx12 stuff or hbm stuff let me know

keep up the good work, i love what you guys have done

im not gonna lie i didnt own a ps2 when i first used this but i do now

also do u get extra fps from using a differet bios?

which bios runs the best being more performance or more stability

what bios do u guys use

and also what settings do u guys use

bios and settings question is aimed at the devs

i would make another thread asking this too but il get dun for spam  butt

can you people running software mode here  post your main video settings  and max fps u get along with processor and gpu

and the same goes for people with hardware mode  and which hardware mode are u running wether it be dx9 10 or 11 and plugin

alsowhats the difference between dx9 10 and 11

and why cant we change the resolution if we run software mode

will there ever be a mode that uses both gpu and cpu?

we dont really need a dx12 version do we?  if ur card runs dx12 ur more than likely alredy maxing gaymes out

i duno

if i said something wrong here sory im no expert im here realy to lern so i hope i dont seem agressive

its the normal way  i talk in real life and i aim to be me, online

u feel me??


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Have fun getting banned.
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(12-09-2015, 06:20 AM)Ryudo Wrote: Have fun getting banned.

He's gone. Thanks Blyss!
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Game shot, aaaaaaand the match!

Three cheers for Blyss. Laugh
Intel Core i5-4670K @ 3.40GHz | 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3-1866 G.SKILL Sniper Series
AMD Radeon R9 280 @ 3 GB | 120GB SSD | Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (SP1)
Yeah I'm so abusive of my powers. I'm like the most hardcore mod that ever existed.

Said no one ever -.-

Anyway nothing to see here, move along. Tongue2
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