HDAdvance and/or HDLoader compatibility?
Has anyone attempted to run HDAdvance and/or HDLoader with PCSX2 and, if so, what've the results been?

Considering the details, yea, kinda pointless, but morbid curiosity is getting to me and I'm a couple hundred miles away from my desktop.

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I don't think it'll boot because non of the gamesharks or pars will boot up properly
Why do you need that?
Honestly, I don't. Like I said in my opening post, morbid curiosity.
Well the programs work till it find that there is no hdd connected.There is one plugin(I don't remember his name)but it's like hdd emulator but since it's really new it's quite buggy(never tried the plugin)
Actually, somewhat related to this, does PCSX2 emulate PS2HDD support?

I'm curious since I own the actual HDD. Only game I know of that it would matter is NFL2k5, for the halftime sequences.
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Using megadev9 you can create a ps2 hdd and work with it. That means copying gigabytes of data from cdvd to hdd with ulaunch.elf for example.
This part is beeing emulated very nicely.

Hdloader however only lets you copy games to virtual hdd, playing these games then does not work.
We suspect the problem is that hdloader uses the TLB to remap some memory locations.
As we don't emulate the TLB at all, that doesn't work Tongue2
Hahahaha, wow. Are you guys planning a hack later on to resolve this at all? (With HDLoader being such a MASSIVE priority and all. Wink )
I don't think a hack will do in this case.
I'd love to see this working however, it'd allow us to test dev9 stability and even cdvd timing bugs Wink
Huh, on a somewhat related note, I've just tested Suikoden V and I've realized that loading times on HDAdvance are actually faster than on PCSX2.

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