I play granturismo 4 on pcsx2 v0.9.6.It actually runs fine on my pc but in some tracks when i start a race it crashes.What should i do?

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(07-03-2009, 06:50 AM)Shahbaz.khattak86 Wrote: ...What should i do?

provide us with more info: your specs, pcsx2+plugins versions and their configuration. also post the content of the emulog.txt. and try if switching to another gfx plugin helps.
CPU Core [email protected] | GPU Nvidia Geforce GTX 570 | RAM 8GB DDR-3 1600MHz CL9 | OS Win7 Ultimate (x64) SP1
EMU PCSX2 v1.1.0 r5645 | GS GSdx SSE4 r5632 | SPU2 SPU2-X r5559 | PAD LilyPad r5403 | CDVD cdvdGigaherz r5403
C2D E6420 @ 2.13GHz
RAM: Corsair 1GB DDR-2 Unsure
Windows XP SP3
Emulator & plugin:
pcsx2 v beta 1329 (first one was v0.9.6)
Plugins-15-May-2009 (downloaded from this website)

PCSX2 0.9.6 - compiled on Feb 27 2009
Savestate version: 8b400004
CPU vendor name = GenuineIntel
FamilyID = 6
x86Family = Intel® Core™2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13GHz
CPU speed = 2.133 Ghz
Cores = 2 physical [2 logical]
x86PType = Standard OEM
x86Flags = bfebfbff 0000e3bd
x86EFlags = 20100000

Detected MMX
Detected SSE
Detected SSE2
Detected SSE3
Detected SSSE3
Not Detected SSE4.1

There are some known issues with GT4, the crashes being one of them. You'll have to wait for a fix, most likely.
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I recall there was a really in depth thread made about this game. It was basically a guide to run this game at it's best. I'm not sure if it explained this issue ot not, I didn't read it seeing as I don't even have the game..but yeah, you should check it out to see if it explains your problem. Here it is~

Also, is it only GT4 that does this?
OS: Windows 7 64bit
CPU: Intel Core i7 3770K @3.5 GHz
RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
GPU: Nvidia GTX 680 2GB

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