[HELP] Error/Crash with GS/pixel IDK :S
I'm trying to run a Final Fantasy x Laugh
My cpu> Intel Pentium 4 3.00GZz
Graphic Card> ATI Radeon 9250 125mb
RAM> 767

the thing is> when i try to start my game i just get a error >
"Supported pixel shader version is too low!"
"Selected: 2.0"
and when i click OK i get another message
"An unhandled or unrecovarable exception occured, with the message:"
"The GS plugin failed to open/initialize."
"Pcsx2 will now close. More details may be avaiable via the emuLog.txt file."
and there when i click OK my PCSX2 just closes Ohmy

and here is what it says in my emuLog.txt file

what confuses me is that up there says pixel shader is supported 1.4 and I HAVE SELECTED 2.0 ? Ohmy can i just somewhere select it 1.4? Ohmy

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Your video card is too old to play PCSX2. Video cards have to support (in hardware) a minimum of Shader model 2.0. The card only supports 1.4 which is simply not good enough.

Even if that video card DID support it, PCSX2 would run too slow on your computer anyways. Your system is just plain outdated, too much so for PCSX2.
i'm just confused up there says i selected 2.0 Ohmy Tongue

it doesn't matter would the gameplay be slow or fast i just need to run the game Sad

but...if i can't run it i can't run it Laugh

tnx for helping Koji Wink

edit: any older versions of PCSX2 requires 1.4 of that thing?
I means your video card supports 1.4, not that GSdx or ZeroGS supports it. GSdx and ZeroGS require PS2.0. It will not work with 1.4, which is why it generates the error.
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
The options are all either PS 2.0 or above, so yes, you would have selected PS 2.0 as a default setting.
ok tnk you for everything Wink

only 1 more question xD


can i run PCSX2 with it?
You should be able to play most games at native resolution with that video card. So graphics would be identical (or mostly identical) to running on a real PS2. That said, I again remind you that your CPU is really slow, and updating your graphics card only for the emulator may not be a good idea. Your CPU will limit PS2 games to running at about 1/2 speed.
i wanted to buy this video card before i knew about PCSX2 Wink


ok tnx guys i wont make any troubles to you anymore XD Wink

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