[HELP] FFX acting like it has speedhack
Ok, I just got pcsx2 and set it up last night after a 14 hour shift, so I'm sure I missed something, and tonight after work and some messing around with it I still couldnt get it to work properly.

Basically the problem is that my game seems like it is running fast. The intro went by faster than normal on a newgame, all the cutscenes I've had so far have been too fast. Talking is faster, the arrow keys (dpad) is acting extra sensitive when I go into menus (I barely tap the key as fast as I can and it scrolls 2-3 items). The only thing that could seem normal is the free roaming, but I think thats fast too for what it should be.

I am running the PAL version, and I am consistantly at 79ish FPS, or higher. When opening menus or having the mainscreen open, it is closer to 170 FPS. I have a pretty decent computer, and have done some searches on the forums, but nothing I have found has helped so far.

Again, I am very tired these few days (42 hours in 3 days of work) so could be missing something.

I just want to play FFX as if it was on the console. 100% normal settings to everything.

Also, would love some extra info on how to use Lulu's Fury Overdrive with just a keyboard and mouse (tried something I found in one thread but the mouse is still 100% useless in game).

Thanks in advance!!

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Your gaming is running REALLY fast. Make sure that you didn't push the TAB key by accident. This enables fast forwarding/turbo. Also make sure your GS options never got changed and look like this here.

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Also there is a "hyper speed" cheat. so please make sure you arent using any cheats.
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100% normal would be quite difficult if you are upscaling the resolution, because of small graphical gitches in the menu's and stuff Tongue

welcome to the forums btw Wink
Look at the GS tab at the emulation settings and make sure the "Disable framelimiting" is not ticked also.
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ah, i did press tab. i use it as a key in most pc games i play so i set the Analog button to that.

also, thanks for all the welcome/quick advice!

edit: oh, i dont think i changed anything else. pretty much i just did the bare minimums to run the game and play for an hour or so.

any advice/tips on how to make it a bit cooler/fancier/more enjoyable would be awesome!
You can always up the native res and use MSAA.
I5 3570k 3.4ghz| 4GB R9 290| 8GB DDR3

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