HELP! GSsoft.dll and zeroGS.dll problem
im new to this website and im also new to PCSX2.. i hope you will help me...
I just downloaded the Emulator but it seems the GSsoft.dll and zeroGS.dll is error.. I get error when i open the PCSX2 emulator...


Bositman, now i downloaded the newer version
I did not know PCSX2 is hard to configure...
Im sorry i just don't know what to do... I hope you will help me
And i get this errors when i Open the PCSX2... errm help?

I downloaded the Emulator from

Errors and Specs

[Image: DX2.jpg]
[Image: DX3.jpg]
[Image: DX1.jpg]
[Image: dx.jpg]

Thank you and God Bless! ^_^

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It seems you didn't download the emulator from our website so we won't give you support until you do.
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----------------------------------------- uhmmm bump?
Again, the errors you get are because you are using some outdated plugins that are NOT from our site. Delete your whole PCSX2 folder, keep your BIOS folder only and reinstall 0.9.6 from scratch.
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