HELP! I have a burned game but it won't load...
Hey can anyone help me??? The game's Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 but when i try to play it, it won't load... instead it just shows a ps2 menu with no play game option... I have configured everything. Plz help thnx!!! Sad

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1) Wrong section.
2) Only the backup? what about the original?
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Instead of clicking execute, try clicking File - Run CD/DVD. Also, make sure your CDVD plugin points to the .iso.
umm... what do u mean by pointing to the .iso??? I think I missed that part.... thnx Tongue
Click "Select iso" and find your .iso file in the window.

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Are you running the game from the game disc in your DVD drive?
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yeah I'm running the game from my dvd drive when i go to file--> run cd/dvd it just gives me a playstation 2 options menu with no run game option... oh where do u go to click select iso??? srry i'm a total newb at this
where's the original DVD?
O found where to select .iso but when i try to select it everything just closes....
totally ignored the question about the original dvd... /swt
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