Ok so I have had no problem with my emulator since I got it. Now I am recieving this message

GIFTAG warning, size exceeded VU memory size 400

and I cannot play because its "limiting" my frame rate to 5.98 is there a way to check this memory? i have windows 7 and AMD if that helps.

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So you came to the conclusion that a log message is 'limiting' your exactly? It has nothing to do with low FPS. Start by posting your PCSX2 version, plugins, full PC specs and the game you are trying to run.
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That message is just a warning and it's unlikely to be the cause of your problems.

Please post your PC specs, Game you're trying to play, PCSX2 settings, Plugin settings and the EE/GS% numbers in the game window when you get slowdowns so we can help better.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
don't really know my specs cause im a noob but I m sure they aren't enough probably

I am trying to play Makai Kingdom
I have ver 9.8
basic plugins i guess
7% EE/GS
If you're getting 7% for both EE and GS you must have one hell of a computer which I doubt if you're getting less than 6fps. We really need to know your specs in order to help you.
Open the Start Menu and type the following:


Press enter to run dxdiag.exe. The first tab will have your processor (CPU) listed, and the "Display" tab will show your graphics unit (GPU) name. Those two things are most of what's important. Smile
AMD M880G with ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250

4096 MB RAM


AMD Phenom™ II P840 Triple-Core Processor (3CPUs), 1.9GHz

does this help?
Games like Makai Kingdoms don't work at all now and games like ROMANCE OF THE THREE KINGDOMS are onnly at 14fps but I can play games like Kingdom Hearts at 60fps but it randonly drops to 15...
Your CPU is pretty slow. A lot of games will have trouble with speed. Make sure you try some Speedhacks (try the Presets if you're unfamiliar), and don't be surprised when they're not always gonna be enough.

Your GPU is particularly weak, too. Keep the internal resolution of GSdx lower (i.e. native res). This, too, may prove to not be enough for every game.
It's a laptop -.-. And laptops are HARD to upgrade. Meaning you can't play pcsx2.
I have been playing fine tho... Makai was working and then this message appeared the NEXT there anything i can do?


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