Hi I am a newbie here.I am trying to play on tenchu fatal shadows but the graphics are all messed up. The only thing thats fine is the character. And also for no apparant reason my character keeps moving right even as check my imputs and redo them and reconnect my xbox360 controller. The game also goes slow

I am running on the latest pcsx2 beta build - " pcsx2"
Plugins are GSDX 3063 with sse2 / sse41 / ssse3 0.1.16

Pad plugin: lilypad r2930 0.10.0 and the other is SSSPSX pressure mod 1.7.1 (which stops my char from moving to the side but the analog imputs are bad since i Can only change them in two directions [up and down]it seems for each)

I saw some other thread of someone supposibly fixing it but they had to an older plugin of gsdx and they used an older pcsx version. Can someone help me get Tenchu 4 running good on the game plz

GSdx 2693 is what i need i saw a youtube video and the person uses this version of the plugin
EDIT :. I went to a website I had forgot about for many years called zophars domain.
and I found the old pcsx2 beta 1888 and download the plugin pack now tenchu shadows works almost perfect. expect for some lighting issue around the game where its super dark but of I get near those dark areas it gets cleared up. if anyone knows a plugin that is known to work with it perfect please tell and how to get it it would be appreciated.
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no links to unofficial builds, please
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gamey88 here you can find the correct setting of the game and a gameplay movie.

oh, and don't forget the two tenchu games with the setting are playable

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