HELP Please
Hi Guys,
I download the last version of PCsx2, NVidia CG framework and the XQuartz
(sorry for my english) , i run any iso, and the X11 show this message:

ML Loader returned an error. Trying to load a pnach...
No patch found.Resuming execution without a patch (this is NOT an error).
ZZogl: Disabling MRT depth writing
Issuing EE/iR5900-32 Recompiler Reset [mem/structure cleanup]
vtlb/mmap: Block Tracking reset...
iR3000A Resetting recompiler memory and structures
* PCSX2 *: ExecuteBios
Offset 0xea000000 invalid. Legit SIGSEGV. Aborting. line 2: 6848 Bus error ./pcsx2

Any idea for this problem?

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Are you sure you have bios?

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