[HELP]Problem with Games (LAG)
Hello,I have tried so many emulators which were not working.I finally found something that worked.Pcxs2 0.9.6..Everything works great.Controller,configuration etc..I have 1 problem:
I tried to play metal gear solid 2..in the first videos seemed to be ok.but,when i started playing,it was VERY laggy..I thought that is was a problem of the game..I tried to play god of war 2 and i had the same problem too..Please do something to help me..

My Computer specs:
cpu: AMD fx™-6100 six core processor
RAM: 8gb ddr3
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 450 (1gb)
Hard Disc: 1TB
Windows 7 64bit

Thank you in advance..

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Sorry but we do not support 0.9.6, only the latest 0.9.8 release so use that and try again. Also be aware that even if you have a new AMD FX processor I am sorry to tell you that it performs really badly on PCSX2, due to the very low IPC (instructions per cycle, meaning how much 'work' it can do in 1 Hz). The new amd processors have lower IPC than the old Phenom II generation, meaning for example an FX at 2,5 Ghz will be slower than a Phenom 2 at 2,5 Ghz.
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