HELP - can't select fwnull.dll in config
First time poster, hello everyone.

I was previously using PCSX2 1.2.1 but I was having an issue with button bindings with my DS4 controller. After trying to troubleshoot I decided to update to PCSX2 1.4. When I went through the config process I didn't have anything to select under USB, FW, or DEV9. I've been able to download the right dlls for USB and DEV9 but I still can't select anything for FW. The dropdown box is blank but I have the correct FWnull.dll in my Plugin folder. I even deleted it and downloaded the install pack again from this site to no avail. I've been trying to research this for a few hours now but I can't even find someone that has had a similar problem. 

Can someone here help?

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Hi. U have this problem coz u have installed the v1.4.0 on the v1.2.1 (overwrite setup).
For fortune ur v1.2.1 work again because the exe have different name.
U need of to do a new CLEAR installation in a new directory and install the Microsoft Visual c++ 2015.
After if u will have problems that ur win don't have some dll.
Unistall Microsoft Visual c++ 2015, install the last SP of ur WIN, for example for win7 u need of win7SP1 and reinstall the Microsoft Visual c++ 2015.
OK, now all work great ur v1.4.0 with dev9 and fw "null" ecc...

Or continue of use ur V1.2.1 that is a very good version!

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