HELP, cant get BIOS to come up
so i download the client. and i have the ISO for Silent Hill shattered memories. So i burn it onto a disk and try to run it. No luck. then i try to open Pscx2 and it makes me configure. I get to the BIOS selection. nothing comes up. I put all the files on the disk into the folder its directed to and nothing comes up on the BIOS list. i redirect the default BIOS checker to the disk itself and nothing still. PLEASE help

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First, you need to know what the BIOS is. Read it here:

In fact, you do not need to know what the BIOS is. Just think of it as a firmware. All you need to know is how to get it. Read here:

Please read the manual before using anything.
Why did you burn the iso onto a dvd ?
Just use your original DVD, make an iso out of it, and use it directly in pcsx2. That will we safer and more efficient.
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