HELP configure FF X-2
hey guys, noob here. i managed to finish ffx and decided to move on to ff x 2. i ran ffx smoothly but when i'm playing ffx2, everything seems unstable. FPS goes wildly. sometimes shooting up to 80 fps and sometimes shooting as low as 27 fps. help please? i didn't disable my frame limit, and the three % are at 100%.

running @ i7 - 2670 QM 2.2 GHz (3.10 turbo)
8 GB Ram
2 GB Nvidia 610m

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First, press F4 and make sure you enabled frame limiting. If this doesn't work, then press the tab button on your keyboard because you might have accidentally press it and cause skip on turbo boost to activate. I don't know about the low fps you are having though.

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