[HELP]playing FFx on PSX2 with PS3 controller
I am playing FFX on Psx2. At first I was playing by using the keyboard and everything was fine. the problem arose just right after I used the PS3 controller <the controller works fine, I am able to control the characters>, the screen started to flash and the chars disappearing then reappearing..really annoying...I am wondering whether this is a bug, graphic or this only happens when i use PS3 controller OR..well..sue to my mistakes when i installed the Ps3 controller?? is anyone experiencing the same prob?? Any suggestions??
[Image: th_prob.jpg]

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hey booboo,

OK, Firstly, what OS you using and what are you using to conect the PS3 remote to the PC?

I have a BlueTooth dongle and am using a great piece of software called WINDS3 from The Force Studio... costs a tiny fee but works perfectly including six-axis and rumble!

There are no slowdowns my side at all. Running Windows 7 x86, 3.16 C2Duo, 4GB RAM and shabby old NVidia 9500GT...

Hope this helps, it ROCKS using PS3 remote without the cable... or using the old KB + Mouse (its just not the same) Smile

PS. It ran perfect on my older system with C2Duo 1.86 with 1GB RAM and ATI X1950 Pro too... hope it helps...

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