HElp please
Hello, I'm french and my english is limited, sorry
Is thre anyone have a config for Aggressive Inline for me ?
I have a dual core E5200 with 1Mo Ram & ATI 4850 gold sample
i've read lot of post but i dont understood anything ^^
I can load game but its too slow with littes graphic bugs
thanks U all

PS where is the french thread if exist?Smile

PS2 same problem with Rival school Sad

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First than anything try getting the latest pcsx2 beta:
then try getting the latest GSdx plugin:

Set GSdx plugin to "Renderer: Direct3d 10 (hardware)" if available to you if not just use Direct3d 9 (Hardware).

If it's still too slow try Speedhacks on the "Config > Speed Hacks" menu in PCSX2, the important ones are "Use x2 Cycle Rate" "INTC Sync Hack" and "VU Cycle Stealing: Slight" but you can try others. However this might break your games so be careful.

Hope it helps Tongue
thx to U its time to eat here i'll try after
replay when done thx another time
erf so with aggressive i ve tested what u said but im still with slowing
for rival school black screen
Stop quadriple posting or you will get warned. If you want to update the status of your problem every 3 minutes edit your first post instead of writing a new one each time.
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ok sorry
PM me if you want help. I'm French as well.
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