HP Chamber of Secrets headway
Hey there, I'm new here, but not to emulation by any means.

Someone on another forum I visit brought up the older Harry Potter games, and I got some nostalgia and pulled up my old emulation folder. I had in it SS for PSX, CS for PS2, and POA for PS2. I have SS working in another emulator, but CS is the next one, and I can't find anyone having it working here (via search function...I'll be ticked if one pops up where it couldn't find), so I set out on trying to make it work.

I'm using the r4600 build that was on the downloads page.

Upon first boot up with stock settings (aside from setting my X360 gamepad up), it would get weird graphical glitches during the first bit of loading, then full on crash the program after awhile. A little tweaking later, and I was able to skip through to the main menu and hit new game, where its frozen on a loading screen. (I can get particulars and screen grabs later, but it might not be for a week)

With that said, I'll say what I did to make it run on my system (Windows 7 Ultimate x64, Core 2 Quad Q8400 @3.35GHz, 4GB RAM, EVGA GTX 460SE).

had in .bin format, compressed to .bz with iso plugin (no reason why),
Emulation settings - VUs both to superVU, rounding to nearest, clamping to extra+preserve
bios is usa 1.6
gsdx sse41: dx11 software, 2 threads, AA on
lilypad with x360 binds
SPU2, no changes
no memory cards

and the fixes (only way I think it even begins to work)
-ee timing

and the second one requires timing. without memory cards, when the prompt comes asking about continuing or retrying, enable the skip mpeg hack (other wise it tries to skip the memory card screen and freezes). It then skips to a menu, no background, and hitting new game will freeze on a loading screen, no loading image between the bars like there should be.

Now, this is probably the completely wrong way to do this, but hopefully someone can use this to make the game actually work

EDIT: more info, the menu works completely save for a background. Going to options lets me change stuff, and even the vibration confirmation works, sound and music work, all that. However, right before the memory card screen comes up, console spews a ton of messages like this:

Vifi1: Unknown VifCmd! [**]

The stars being a single or 2 digit string, such as [8], [40], [8f], and [3c] (which seem to be the only ones that appear)
There also preceeds it a large block of

Unknown SVU micromode opcode called

lines. All resulting in this same thing.

Also, if EE timing is off at all, it doesn't even load to the memory card screen, instead freezing to black.
Without turning on the MPEG skip, the engine freezes on the intro sound to the EA Games logo (long, looping AAAA sound, as the 'E' was fully pronounced and over before it freezes.

Any ideas?

EDIT2: Last piece before I disappear: by changing the re-compilers again (microVU crashes, superVU works with errors), I saw the errors about Invalid Unpack.

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