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HSX: Hyper Sonic Xtreme graphical problem
So one of the things I notice is that this game runs smoothly on my computer which is great news HOWEVER, the graphics go buggy. It seems fine for a few seconds and then the track will go black or all gray and then it will load all of the textures again but it doesn't stay, it keeps cycling back and forth.

I don't know if this is a GPU driver issue, I should have the latest and greatest in my GPUs drivers atm but I don't know for sure. I have a Radeon HD 7950 3GB from Gigabyte in case that matters.

I'm not certain what to do, I've messed with the graphical settings. Turning the resolution down to native seems to help with that problem but it doesn't FIX it. I haven't seen any updates for a long time, any news on if a new versions being worked on btw?

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Try swmode. Try newer svn then.
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In the compatibility list it is also mentioned to be not playable. But only for 0.96. Maybe you can play around and post results..
I dunno what a svn is but I have tried software mode. Maybe if there is a different kind of graphics program for this? Dont we have multiple kinds?
SVN = subversion. It will be the very latest version available. Get it here:

Also maybe try Zerogs or ZZogl gs plugin.
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What are your results for software-mode?
Genrally, swmode may fix the issue if not then svn is the last option to try.
I got the same results using software mode unfortunately, going to try the sub version.
Oh my goodness, it works on the newest version! Thank you I love you!!!!
:-D no prblm. Nice to see that it wrks for u.

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